What some of our clients have said

IntelliNet Solutions Pty Ltd is a prime example of quality & dependable customer service in the Information Technology market. Their ability to meet our demanding technical support needs is crucial to our company and those with whom we are affiliated.
IntelliNet have been integral to us by providing IT solutions that have enabled us to grow and keep pace with technology and more importantly provide sound security that protects our all our businesses. There hardware purchases, telecommunication networks have been very competitive and their rapid support services have kept IT downtime to an absolute minimum
We recommend IntelliNet to any company who is considering engaging them for all their IT needs.

Wayne Elliott
General Manager

Melbourne Finance Broking Pty Ltd
Platform Finance Group.

Wayne Elliott, General Manager

“For me to be able to sleep at night without the worry of IT headaches is invaluable.
I want insurance my business is getting the most out of our hardware and software investment.
I want to know ahead of time what issues might arise.
I want feedback and reporting that any support tickets are being actioned.
I need to feel like I can call on someone to take care of issues if I’m away from the office.
My staff need to talk to someone that can talk on their level.
I must have more-than-capable tech support.
With IntelliNet Solutions I have all that and more.”

Dean Godfrey, Managing Director

“Our IT systems have never been so reliable since we started with IntelliNet Solutions and IntelliCover. It was costing us NOT to change to them. Also knowing that our backups were not being done from previous providers, the IT Audit provided by IntelliNet Solutions was absolutely invaluable. Thanks for all your ongoing support”

Ashley Beckwith, Partner

“Without the help and support received from IntelliNet Solutions, our computer systems and data backups would be in a terrible state. I call IntelliNet Solutions our life line because no matter how large or small our problems are they are always there with that friendly enthusiastic voice on the other end of the phone so willing to help us. I would highly recommend their services as they really know how to treat a client. Thank you so much!

Maureen Fraser, Director

“What do you say when a company has bailed you out of an IT emergency at short notice not once… But a number of times. IntelliNet Solutions have definitely been the safety net for me at StorieSelling with regard to IT support and I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to any business that needs reliable IT services to support their business in times of need.”

Michael Firth, Founder

I manage a community based not for profit children’s Centre. We employ 30 staff and use our computers to run our Centres finances, the children’s early childhood programs (including hundred’s of images) and general office administration. 10 years ago we had no computers – now we have many computers and printers that run all day and are all networked. It has been a steep learning curve for me and up until January 2011 I felt we were not gaining very much by having all this so call “fantastic” technology. Some weeks we had more computer down time than active time causing extreme frustration, making us look incredibly incompetent and costing us a fortune in lost staff hours. I could not believe it was all “user fault” but was told this 9 times out of 10 by the IT experts leaving me feeling really dumb. The backing up of the data was a nightmare and everyone had a different “how to do it” properly solution – always costing more $$$$ to implement but never really working successfully.

In December 2010 I was ready to throw every computer, printer and myself in the tip. I spoke to our Treasurer (another IT expert) and we agreed to engage a company and pay for an annual IT service agreement. Easy – NOT. Everyone knew someone but every lead ended up being exorbitantly expensive or, our business was too small for them or, they just did not present as reliable or seem interested.
Our book keeper gave me the name of IntelliNet Solutions. As soon as I met Steve and Adrian I felt good about them. They were professional in their presentation, reliable with commitments they made to attend to issues, affordable, easy to contact and get along with, and – most importantly – gave me a plan of how to start the process of getting all our systems to work in a seamless and user friendly way.

2011 was the most productive year we have had in the past decade in terms of making full and better use of our technology. IntelliNet Solutions provide us with offsite backup, prompt and efficient telephone, remote and on site support and are always looking to improve our systems. We now take it for granted that when we come to work in the morning it is all systems go – oh what a feeling!!
IntelliNet Solutions we thank you.

Marlene Fraser, Centre Co-ordinator